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PlayCatan Access Software

Using the PlayCatan Access Software, you can play different versions of "The Settlers of Catan" as well as other games by Klaus Teuber with real people via the Internet.

Here, your avatar inhabits a medieval world, where you may build your own house and take part in the events of your virtual home town in multiple ways.


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Then you must register first. If you sign up for a Free Account, you can play all the free games (also the browser games). A Plus Account gives you access to all the possibilities and games of the Catan Online World (see below).

Once you are registered, please click on "Download" to download the access software (for Windows / Mac OS X / Linux) you need for play. If you want to take advantage of all PlayCatan features, please click on "Upgrade."

  • The Quick Guide offers the easiest approach to PlayCatan.
  • More detailed information about the World on PlayCatan is available in the Online Instructions.

Additional Games You Can Play with a Plus Account or Day Pass (only $1.19 USD *)

$5.90 / 16.90 / 32.90 / 64.90 USD * (1 / 3 / 6 / 12 months)

Settlers of Catan - Cities & Knights Scenarios

With or without Seafarers;
also against computer opponents!

The Rivals for Catan

Theme Games and Duel


Special real-time version for
6 players

A Whole World for Catan Fans

COW3 City View

If you have a Plus Account, you can become a citizen of one of the PlayCatan cities!

  • * All prices include all applicable taxes.
  • Prices in EUR:
    Standard: 1.90 € / 4.90 € / 8.90 € / 16.90 € (1, 3, 6, or 12 months)
    Plus: 4.90 € / 13.90 € / 26.90 € / 52.90 € (1, 3, 6, or 12 months)
    Day Pass: 0.99 €
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