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Community News
Forum Reorganization – Part Two
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 11:41

Yesterday night we carried out the second part of the forum reorganization that had been planned well in advance. We would like to explain why this happened.


While until now the PlayCatan Forum was, according to its name, mainly thought to be used for the discussion about PlayCatan games among the PlayCatan Community, we would from now on like to give Klaus Teuber's games outside PlayCatan considerably more room.

What was merely existing as a tiny “Discussion forum about Atan’s games that are not (yet) represented in the COW” is now reflecting the game pages on – primarily the main categories “Tabletop Games” and “Digital Games.”

The third main category is still “PlayCatan”, and all its previous categories together with their boards have moved to become boards with respective sub-boards. The "Special Rooms” area was dismantled, the respective boards have moved according to their respective special interest groups. (If you do not know what this means, you probably won't see any difference.) Anyways, content-wise nothing at all has changed.

We also heard your criticism, and so the city boards are now again first order sub-boards. That way, the names of your virtual home cities appear again as clickable links right on the forum front page.

Such a huge reorganization certainly requires a bit of familiarization at first. But we are convinced that due to the newly considered hierarchical categorization, in the end the new structure will actually be easier to use.


We thank you for your understanding.