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PlayCatan - Mac OS X Compatibility Mode

The PlayCatan Access Software is basically ready to run on older Macintosh computers with PPC processor and Mac OS 10.5 X “Leopard.” However, we recommend the use of a modern Intel based Mac with 64 bit processor (Core 2 Duo or newer).

Please note: It is highly recommended to install the latest update of Java on your Mac. You may conveniently install it via “Software Update” in the “Apple” menu. Alternatively, you can download it for free at


Running the PlayCatan Access Software on an Older Macintosh Computer

You can find out about the type of processor you are using by clicking on “About this Mac” in the “Apple” menu.

If your Mac is equipped with one or more of the following:

  • PowerPC processor, or
  • Intel Core Duo processor (as opposed to “Core 2 Duo”),

the PlayCatan Access Software will display the error message shown below:

Wrong version of Java

The PlayCatan Access Software should preferrably be run with Java 1.6, also known as "J2SE 6." However, Java 1.6 is only available for Macintosh computers with Mac OS X 10.5 (or newer) and 64 bit processors (Intel Core 2 Duo or newer).

To run the PlayCatan Access Software on a Mac with an older processor (Intel Core Duo or PowerPC), you can switch it to a compatibility mode. Afterwards, the program will also run with Java 1.5.

Please note that an optimal program execution is only possible with Java 1.6. If Java 1.6 is not available for your Mac, please follow the following easy steps to activate the compatibility mode in the PlayCatan Access Software.


Step 1 – Show Package Contents

Please right-click on the “PlayCatan” or “Catan Online World” program icon (or click on the icon while holding down the "Ctrl" key) and select "Show Package Contents."

Show Package Contents


Step 2: Activate Compatiblity Mode

A window has opened in which you can see an application icon named "Compatibility_mode_on.command." Please open it (double-click on it).

Compatibility Mode on

The following window will be displayed:

Activated Compatiblity Mode

If you want to deactivate the compatibilty mode at a later moment (e.g., after migrating your user profile to a new Mac or after updating the operating system), you may do so by double-clicking on the "Compatibility_mode_off.command" icon.

Afterwards, please close both the "Completed Command" window and the “PlayCatan” or “Catan Online World” package contents.


Step 3: The PlayCatan Access Software also Runs on Your Mac

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