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PlayCatan Access Software - Download - Windows

For computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8, please download the following file:

playcatan_1086_int.exe (44 MB) for Windows

System configuration: Pentium IV / Athlon with 2 GHz or comparable / Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 512 MB RAM minimum
approx. 70 MB disc space / 128 MB RAM graphics card, 800x600 display (minimum), Java 1.6 (installed automatically if needed)


Hints for Java

JavaTo operate the PlayCatan Access Software, "Java 2 Standard Edition, version 6.0," or short: J2SE 6 or Java 1.6 (or newer) is required. If Java wasn't installed already, it will be installed automatically during the installation of the PlayCatan Access Software.

Please note: The PlayCatan Access Software is a 32-bit program and needs the 32-bit Java version. If only the 64-bit Java version is installed on a 64-bit operating system such as 64-bit Windows Vista, the installer will additionally install the 32-bit version of Java. The 64-bit version of Java can still be used by 64Bit programs.


Hints for Window Size Options

We recommend that you play without activating the "fullscreen" option. If you want to use the entire screen area, select the window size that corresponds to your desktop settings instead; the program will then automatically use the entire screen area. The "fullscreen" option should rather be used to scale up a resolution lower than native to full size.

The Rivals for Catan - Deck Editor

With this program, every user can design an individual card deck for the "Rivals for Catan" Tournament Game on PlayCatan.

The Rivals for Catan - Deck Editor Download (V1.2c - 7.3 MB) for Windows

(Requires Java 1.6!)


Hints for the Classic Card Game (not The Rivals for Catan)

The Classic Card Game is not included in the PlayCatan installer. You may download and install the Classic Card Game with one of these additional installers:


Classic Catan Card Game (without MM Pack) (11 MB)

Classic Catan Card Game (with MM Pack) (93.7 MB)


The MM Pack (Multimedia Pack) version offers additional sounds and larger card graphics for the Classic Card Game.

An interface has been installed for the originally independent Card Game program (not The Rivals for Catan!). By means of this interface, players can join the Classic Card Game via PlayCatan. The program is not part of the PlayCatan installation package. Please note that the Classic Card Game is available only for Windows. To play the game, you need to modify your network configuration.

[Further information about using the card game]


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