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PlayCatan in Detail

Account Type Free Account Standard AccountDay PassPlus Account
Free of charge Fee-based - Premium Accounts
PlayCatan – Games with Real People
Separate area in the Game Manager without participation of Free Account members
The Settlers of Catan - Board Game
Base Game
Seafarers Scenarios
Explorer & Pirates Scenarios
Cities & Knights Scenarios
Explorers & Pirates in combination
with Cities & Knights
Multicatan **
The Rivals for Catan
Introductory Game
Theme Games
Tournament Game
The Struggle for Catan
Other Games by Klaus Teuber
Elasund - The First City, Hoity Toity, Domaine, Realm of the Desert Sons
Metagame and Tournaments
Configurable Basic Avatar
Detailed Game Statistics
Improvement of avatar clothing, pets, medals
House building and upgrade, garden improvement
Catan Dice Game ***
Desert Sons - Single-Player Game
Participation in city life, election of mayor
Participation in official Tournaments
PlayCatan Training Ground (Games Against Computer Opponents - requires Java)
Introductory Games (no registration required)
The Settlers of Catan Board Game - Base Game
Seafarers Scenarios
Cities & Knights Scenarios
Klaus Teuber's Web Games
Catan Puzzle, Catan Dice Game, Multicatan, Oceania, Starship Catan Light (each game 1x per day)
Participation in Forum
Public access areas
Separate discussion boards for cities, without participation of Free Account members

PlayCatan will be shut down on Jan. 29 2016. Therefor it is no longer possible to upgrade a free account with a subscription. New free accounts can be registered only until Dec. 14, 2015. Day passes are only available until Dec. 14, 2015.

* All prices incl. all applicable taxes.

** Multicatan: Special PlayCatan Metagame version; for 6 players

*** Catan Dice Game: Special PlayCatan Metagame version; can be played as often as you like (more than once per day)