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PlayCatan Access Software for Mac OS X

For Macintosh computers, please download the following file:

System configuration:
  • 1GB RAM minimum / approx. 60 MB disc space / 800x600 display (minimum) / mouse with 2+ buttons
  • Minimum configuration: Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GHz or better

The Rivals for Catan - Deck Editor

With this program, every user can design an individual card deck for "The Rivals for Catan" Tournament Game on PlayCatan.

To use the special cards ('Gavin, the Polyglot', 'Alexander and Sebastian, the Bookkeepers', 'Johannes, the Advocate' and 'Axel, the Innovator') in your deck, please use the web browser version of the deck editor, which you can find in the bath house in the city view on the website.

Hints for Java

For operating the PlayCatan Access Software Apple's implementation of Java (Version 6) is required.

  • J2SE 6 is available on Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” (or newer versions), but only on Macs with a 64-bit Intel processor (Core 2 Duo or newer).
  • Since Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” Java is no longer preinstalled. Therefore, an information message appears when first starting the PlayCatan Access Software, prompting you to first install Java. You can download the Java package directly from Apple.

This version of Java is only used for applications installed locally by you on your system. When browsing the web Apple's version of Java is disabled. To execute Java application in the web you need Oracle's version of Java additionally (for example for playing the games against computer opponents on the website of PlayCatan) which you can download on Oracle's Java website.

Hints for Playing in Full Screen Mode

If you have Mac OS X, you can also use the 1024x768 windowed mode for a full-screen game if your monitor resolution is 1024x768: menu bar and dock are automatically hidden and automatically reappear upon touch with the mouse cursor.

In “Leopard” or newer, we recommend using “Spaces.”