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What happens if a member attracts attention through misconduct?

PlayCatan including the metagame (formerly: Catan Online World) is a platform for people to meet and together play Klaus Teuber’s board games. This should happen in a friendly and open atmosphere. Of course, every once in a while there might be certain discrepancies, but they should be resolved with decency and fairness.

The members are individually responsible for their contributions (postings in the Forum, messages in the Chat, etc.). In this context, they commit to only exchange contents that

  • are free from overt and covert advertising;
  • are neither unobjective, deliberately untruthful, insulting, disparaging, slanderous, morally offensive, pornographic, nor constitute a statutory offense;
  • do not violate third-party rights;
  • do not contain viruses or computer programs that affect the functioning of other computers;
  • are not surveys or chain letters;
  • do not have the exclusive purpose of divulging a political, ideological, or religious creed
  • do not have the purpose of gathering, storing, or using personal information of users, particularly for business purposes, without their explicit consent.

We will not tolerate violations of these regulations in any area of PlayCatan. Members who in this regard negatively attract attention can expect cancelation of their account without notice.

In this context, the General Terms and Conditions in their respectively valid version apply, which authorize the Catan GmbH to immediately bar the member concerned from all game activities.

Members who feel harassed by other users can submit a complaint to our abuse department. For more information, please click here.