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What can I do if I feel offended by a nickname?

Each player has to register at PlayCatan with a nickname that identifies him/her in the games and statistics of the Catan Online World. As specified in paragraph 1.3. of the General Terms and Conditions, “The gamer nickname shall not violate the rights of third parties and not offend common decency. Catan reserves the right to delete gamer nicknames in individual cases. Users are not entitled to particular gamer nicknames.”

For those reasons, newly registered nicknames are monitored on a regular basis. In this context, however, we may consider a nickname as harmless that - in another language or culture - conjures up unintended negative associations. If such a nickname catches your attention, you should first find out what meanings this name could have. The Internet offers many possibilities to do so, e.g. Google or Wikipedia. If you don't find a satisfactory, harmless explanation, please contact our service team.

We will check the nickname and discuss it with our international team. If we think that the nickname violates the GTC, we will cancel the corresponding account. In our experience, most players accept this nickname rejection upon learning the reason why and register with a new nickname. However, also be mindful of the fact that players may feel offended if things are read into their nickname - a name they actually perceive as harmless. This can be particularly hard if the nickname is associated with the player's real name. Especially in the case of Plus Account holders, this may also cause the player (via account cancellation and subsequent re-registration) to lose acquired house and clothing levels and be erased from the stats, which in turn may affect the Metagame.