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What is meant by game manipulation?

According to the General Terms and Conditions each user is required to accept upon registration, the manipulation of games is forbidden. Particularly the following falls into the category of game manipulation:

  1. If you manipulate the software or intentionally exploit a bug to gain an advantage.
  2. If you collude with other players in order to determine the result of a game for which scores are given. In this context, it doesn’t matter if third parties are unknowingly discriminated against during such a game or if there is an agreement between the participants. Games of this sort are also considered as manipulated, in view of the fact that all games for which scores are given have an effect on the monthly list.
  3. If abandoned games are taken over and finished without normally continuing the game. An example for this is “position jumping” – a player enters an abandoned game and goes from one player position to the next in order to bring the game to the desired end.