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Connection Problems Classic Catan Card Game

Please note that the classic Catan Card Game is no longer supported officially. Please try out its successor the "Rivals for Catan" game instead. You find it in the game manager in the section of the same name.

As soon as a game is started in the Tavern, the computers of the opponents try to establish a direct connection over the Internet. In order for this to happen, the computer that has set up the game must be accessible over the Internet, meaning that potential firewalls, routers, or shared Internet connections must be installed in such a way that the opponent can establish contact. Firewalls were developed to block Internet traffic from outside and therefore also prevent connection with the card game. There is no way to avoid this via programming, so you have to configure your computer in such a way that it allows connection with the card game. This issue not only applies to the card game but to all available games that set up a local server to allow for online playing.

Note: Normally, port activation for Internet games is unproblematic. We must inform you, however, that we are not liable for the modification of your system configuration and resultant damages.

1. Hardware router present (e.g. DSL Router)

Almost all routers have a configuration menu where ports can be activated (so-called port forwarding). Here we describe the configuration using a Netgear DSL router as example. You should be able to configure other routers in a similar fashion. Please refer to the instructions that come with your router. You should find the corresponding information under the keywords Configuration of Internet Games, Port Forwarding, or Internet Services; otherwise, please contact the manufacturer of your router.

  1. Via web browser, access the configuration menu at the address (Important: It is possible that your router uses a different address. In this case, please refer to your router manual.)
  2. Under the item “Service,” you add the service “Catan”, with the ports 7070 - 7072 (TCP).
  3. Under “Rules,” you add an “Inbound Service” (or "Incoming Connection") and assign to it the service “Catan.” Under “Action,” you now must select “ALLOW Always,” and under “IP” you must select the address of the particular computer within the internal network that you want to use for playing. Done.

Note: Under “Attached Devices,” you can view the IP addresses of the connected computers.

2. Windows XP connected to the Internet, playing via secondary computers and shared Internet connection

In this example, we have a computer using Windows XP that is connected to the Internet and a game computer with a different system (e.g. Windows 98). The game computer can connect to the Internet through the Windows XP computer via the function “Shared Internet Use.” The computer that is connected to the Internet is connected to the Internet directly (that is, without a router). However, a HUB can be in between, e.g. in the combination: computer, HUB, TDSL modem with LAN connection.

In this case, you should connect to the Internet through the Windows Dial-up Networking.

First, the settings of the computer that is connected to the Internet are adjusted. Via Features-Advanced-Settings of the Internet connection, you can activate and add various services when the firewall is activated. Please add three services, for the ports 7070, 7071, and 7072. Under IP, you must enter the respective IP of the game computer (in this example, it is You also have to assign an IP ( and a subnet ( via the “Network Connection Features.”
Now it’s the game computer’s turn. There, under TCP/IP, you enter the IP address (, subnet (, DNS (, and gateway (

Note: If you already have established a “Shared Internet Connection,” it is possible that most of the above-mentioned settings are already in place. In this case, it is sufficient to adjust the Windows XP firewall accordingly.

Now you can set up games on the game computer. You should bear in mind, however, that all attempts to join a game are now rerouted to the game computer; this means that you cannot play on the computer that is directly connected to the Internet. If you want to play there, you must change the settings under “Services” to

3. Windows XP firewall

This case is similar to point 2, but the game computer is omitted. Therefore, the local IP must be entered under “Services.”

4. Other routers or firewalls (e.g. from Norton)

The procedure is similar for other systems. Please refer to the instructions that come with your hardware or software, or ask the manufacturer. If possible, try to activate ports (7070, 7071, 7072), which then have to be rerouted to the local IP of the game computer.

Additional notes on software firewalls

In this article, so far we have only talked about incoming connections. But some firewalls also control outgoing connections. If a firewall of the latter type is installed on your system, you must also allow outgoing connections to the card game server or activate the corresponding application (main.exe in /Kartenspiel). For transfer of the game results, this application or port 5001 must be activated. Most firewall programs ask automatically as soon as they register a data stream.

In case you only use a router with integrated firewall, the outgoing connection should generally be possible, thus rendering further adjustments unnecessary.