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I can only view a part of the game field.

Depending on the selected game scenario and graphic resolution, sometimes only a part of the game field can be displayed at once. In this case you can zoom-out with the magnifier-buttons in the upper button row, or scrolling the game field by moving the mouse with the right mouse-button pressed.

If you are using an Apple Macintosh Computer, if possible please use a mouse with two buttons or more. Nearly all inexpensive USB mice are suitable, even if they are not listed explicitly as Mac compatible. These should usually work on your Mac without prior driver installation.

  • If you are using an Apple Mighty Mouse or Magic Mouse, please check the mouse settings inside your Control Panel. You will be able to configure the right half of your mouse to become the so-called “Secondary Mouse Click”. This corresponds to the right mouse click of conventional two button mice.

  • If you are using a MacBook with a glass trackpad or a Mac equipped with an Apple Magic Trackpad, you can likewise configure the “Secondary Mouse Click” in the trackpad settings inside your Control Panel.

    • Depending on the version of Mac OS X that you are using, you could possibly use the lower right hand corner of the trackpad. In that case please hold down the trackpad with your little finger and move the visible part of the game with your index finger.

    • Alternatively, you may access the features of the secondary mouse button by clicking with and afterwards moving two fingers instead of just one.