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When I run the PlayCatan Access Software on my Linux computer, the game freezes when entering a game or when closing the program.

It seems to be a problem that is related to using IceadTea / OpenJDK. Depending on your Linux distribution and the OpenJDK version, sometimes the problem exists only on 64-bit Linux systems but not on 32-bit Linux systems. On the other hand, sometimes the problem occurs only when using OpenJDK 6, but no longer with OpenJDK 7.

As a general suggestion, we recommend that you use the latest version of OpenJDK. That means that you should use OpenJDK 7 instead of OpenJDK 6. If you use Ubuntu, please open your Ubuntu Software Center and type “java” into the search field in the upper right hand corner. Afterwards please install “OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime.”

If possible, please use Oracle Java 7 instead of OpenJDK. However, many Linux distribution do not offer this software anymore in the package management console. If you are using Ubuntu or some distribution based on Ubuntu, please read the following suggestions:

If you have more than one version of Java installed at the same time, you need to make sure that the correct version of Java is used when running the game. To check this, please enter “java -version” into a terminal window.

If you use Ubuntu and want to select a different Java version from the already installed ones to make it the standard version, please enter “sudo update-alternatives --config java” into a terminal window.