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What is an err.log, and where can I find it?

The file err.log stores important status outputs of the PlayCatan Access Software. Errors occurring during operation will also be specified there. Therefore, this error log ("err" / "log") often greatly helps the programmers to find out about program errors.

Depending on your operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X) there are different aspects to be noted.


You find the file in this directory: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\PlayCatanClient

To access this folder, open the Windows Explorer by simultaneously pressing Win-E (the Windows key on the lower left of your keyboard together with the letter E). If the file extensions are hidden for known file types (standard setting), the file will be just be called "err" (without ".log").

Windows Vista and 7

Alternatively open the shortcut "PlayCatan-Data", which you can find in the Windows start menu in the section "All Programs -> Catan -> PlayCatan Access Software".

Windows 8

Alternatively you should find a PlayCatan tile on the Windows 8 start screen. Open the context menu with the right mouse button. Choose "Open Location". The system should switch to desktop mode now and you should see three shortcut links in an explorer window. Please choose: "PlayCatan-Data".


Unpacking the installation archive will create a folder named “PlayCatan” (or “COW-Client”) with an empty err.log. It will be continued every time you start the regular PlayCatan starter script (or

Instead of the regular PlayCatan Access Software, you can also start the starter script (or in the above mentioned folder. This way, a new, empty err.log will be generated.

Mac OS X

Please go to the Applications folder or wherever you installed the program icon “PlayCatan” (or “Catan Online World”). Click the application icon with your right mouse key (or click it while holding down the Ctrl key) and select “Show package content.”

Go to ./Contents/Resources/PlayCatan (or ./Catan-Onlinewelt).

There you find the file err.log

During the respective program run in Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, the err.log file will be filled with status and error messages. Please send us the resulting file for closer examination. If possible, please zip the file before sending it (for example using the free 7-Zip software).