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After the login only a white screen apears.


After entering and confirming the login data, only a white screen, perhaps with a "Catan - loading" picture, appears. The program does not continue.

Possible Cause A:

Your account is blocked. An error prevents that the corresponding error message was displayed. The error is fixed since version 839.

Solution for A:

When you generate an account you receive a confirmation email. Please follow the link in that email to activate the account. Only if you activate it, you are able to use the account in the Catan Online World.

Possible Cause B:

The starting options are incompatible with the computer system.

Solution for B:

  1. Please deactivate the full-screen mode in the login window.

  2. Please try out other window sizes in the login window.

If this doesn't help, please send in a mail with a short comment on the problem and the err.log file.