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I would like to switch my German account to English language. How can I do this?

Since December 2007, new players may select their preferred language in which they will be greeted in “My PlayCatan” and that will be used when playing the free browser games.

If you have registered your account prior to this date, you did not have a choice: German was the only available language. If English is your native language, it might thus be difficult for you to switch your account over from German to English.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Switch to “My PlayCatan” or “Mein PlayCatan”, respectively. Please log in with your nickname and your password.
  • Click on “[Change Language/E-Mail]” or “[Sprache/E-Mail ändern]”, respectively.
  • Further down on this page you will find a selection that is labeled “Language” or ”Sprache”, respectively.
  • Select “English” or “englisch”, respectively. Afterwards click on “Save” or “Speichern”, respectively.

Please note that you have to re-install the PlayCatan Access Software (formerly: COW client). If you are using Windows, at the beginning of the installation process you can select the language. If you are using Mac OS X or Linux, please download the software matching your language.