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After I clicked on "Enter PlayCatan" the game does not load.

The PlayCatan program can not connect to the PlayCatan server, the reasons can be as follows:

1) For maintenance reasons, the regular server restart occurs around 10 a.m. CET, meaning that for several minutes the server is unreachable. In this case, please try to connect again at a later moment.

2) You are using a proxy to connect to the Internet. However, PlayCatan requires a direct connection to the Internet.

3) Your firewall is blocking the connection. Some of the firewalls installed on your computer have to be adjusted so that they allow connections to the game server, i.e., on TCP port 8787, 5000 and 5001. Please check your firewall settings accordingly.

4) Your provider or network administrator is blocking access. Some Internet providers (mostly 3G/mobile providers) block “non-standard” ports, basically to prevent P2P file sharing. However, in company networks, schools, and other public buildings such ports are mostly blocked as well, in order to prevent gaming at the workplace. While Internet surfing is possible that way, programs such as PlayCatan unfortunately cannot be used.

5) The PlayCatan server has a malfunction. Please try it again sometimes later. Such issues should be resolved very fast normally.