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Why is my game statistic not changing?

Only your last 99 games are taken into account for the statistic (started by yourself, finished and played as a substitute). Therefore the result of game number 100 replaces the first game and if both games were finished properly your statistic does not change.

Let's say in your last 99 games, you have played 30 normal games (started and finished) and 69 games as a substitute.

If you play game number 100 it replace the first game of your games relevant for the statistic. If your first game was a normal game and you have played a normal game again now, the statistic does not change, because a normal game replaces another normal game. But if your first game was a substitute game and you have now played a normal game, the substitute game falls out of the statistic and the normal game is included, so that the number changes to 31 normals games and 68 substitute games.

So, if the statistic changes or not, does not only depend on which game you have played last but also on the game which is replaced by the new game.