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Annotations on our GTC:
Admonishment or Blocked Account

The PlayCatan team verifies each account registration and each account upgrade individually and, from time to time, also carries out a more detailed inspection of the accounts in existence. Especially irregularities in the payment transactions of a Premium Account are very closely examined.

In this context, it may happen that accounts receive an admonishments, are blocked, or even canceled; this occurs particularly if you have disregarded one of the following rules of participation for PlayCatan:

  • Inadmissible or Unacceptable Information
    You registered an account and used a nickname that either offends against good taste or contains sexual or political allusions or obvious advertising.
  • Unacceptable Demeanor
    You showed unseemly behavior during chat and thus offended other players, or you made sexual or political allusions or divulged obvious advertising.
  • Premium Payment not Received
    Complications have arisen during the payment transaction – in short, your payment bounced.

In a word: If accounts receive admonishments, are blocked, or even canceled, it is usually due to a violation of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

Catalog of Measures

  • Free Accounts with unacceptable nicknames are usually canceled without further discussion – if you are already using a Premium Account, you will be admonished or blocked and asked to personally clarify the matter.

  • The situation is similar in cases of unseemly behavior during chat: Depending on the severity of the misdemeanor the sanctions can range from a simple admonishment to being permanently banned from PlayCatan. We sometimes impose a **temporary freeze. In these cases, unblocking occurs automatically within the period specified in the e-mail notification. You don’t have to do anything in this case – just give some thought to why you were blocked, and wait until the freeze is automatically removed.

A player with a blocked account can neither play on Klaus Teuber's Web Games nor the games on PlayCatan – regardless if it is a Free Account of a Premium Account. Forum sign-in is not possible either.

  • Complications arising during Premium payment usually generate bank-imposed chargeback fees. We charge those fees to the person who caused them and will cancel the premium membership if necessary; as long as they are not paid, it is not possible to upgrade to a Premium Account again.