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The chat allows you to communicate directly with other users logged into PlayCatan.


  • Channel List (A)
  • Text Output (B)
  • Text Input (C)
  • Close Current Channel (D)
  • Change Online Status (E)
  • Save Chat (F)
  • Minimize Chat (G)
  • Canned Chat Messages(H)
  • Hide Chat (I)

The chat is divided into three main areas:

  • Channel List (A)
    Depending on where you are on PlayCatan, different chat channels are available to you. You can switch to the desired channel by means of a simple click. The text output switches to this channel, and the messages entered only appear on this channel - i.e., they are only visible for PlayCatan members who are also using this channel. You can close the currently chosen channel by clicking on the small "x" button (D) directly next to the text output. Further information about the channels available can be found below.

  • Text Output (B)
    All of the currently chosen channel's text output is displayed in the large field in the center.

  • Text Input (C)
    In the input box at the bottom, you can either key in text yourself or comfortably choose canned, commonly used messages ("Chat" button (H)). These canned messages are automatically translated into the other users' language (English or German).

    Please note: In games, it may occur that the keyboard chat is switched off, because the respective game option was chosen. In this case, you can communicate with the opponents by means of canned messages.

To have more room to display the game itself, you may limit the chat display to the input box (G); in the games, the chat messages are now displayed in the speech bubbles next to the players.

Chat Channels

The following channel types are available:

  • Local Channel
    The local channel varies according to the place you are in.

  • Global
    Global game channel

  • Global Premium
    Global game channel for users with Premium account. Only users with Standard or Plus accounts (and, respectively, users with day passes) can write in the Global Premium channel.

  • Private Channel
    You can open a private chat with another user, in which case the channel bears the name of the user (see My Lists).

Online Status (E)

You can set your status to "online" or "busy." The status "busy" shows other users that you will not respond to private chat requests.

Save Chat (F)

You can save the chat history since your last log in. You may want to add a comment, to make it easier to find the chat protocol afterwards. To save the chat, click on "Send." Now a chat protocol is generated and stored in your personal area at “My PlayCatan” for a period of 6 weeks.