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Bank and Coin Trader

If no citizen is near for trading, you can either visit the Marianne at the Market Square or the Bank. At the Bank, you can trade three or, if you have clothing level 8 or above, two resources of the same type for any one other resource. Please note that you can trade at the Bank only once per day (deadline: 12 p.m. CET). You obtain information about the Bank by clicking on the info poster. As usual, you leave the room through the door.

Gold is a very special resource. At the Bank, you can trade it for any other resource at a 1:1 rate. Every player can store a maximum of 25 gold.

Once per day, the Coin Trader trades your resources for coins. On each occasion, you may trade a maximum of 3 resources. Every player can store a maximum of 100 coins.

The exchange rate for your resources depends on the resources offered in your city; it is recalculated every day. For example, if many citizens are selling lumber, lumber is less valuable, so you get fewer coins for it.

You need coins to upgrade your house and clothing and buy further goods at the General Store. The total amount of your coins is shown in your status display at the bottom of the screen.