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Town Hall

The Town Hall is the political center of each city, where important information about the cities and your fellow citizens can be viewed (most lists can be sorted by clicking on the name of a column).

Information About the Cities

Position Ranking of the cities as a function of the sorting chosen
Name Name of the city
Mayor Name of the Mayor
Deputy Mayor Name of the Deputy Mayor
Inhabitants All inhabitants of the city
Citizens Inhabitants of the city with Premium account
Houses Number of residential houses in the city

Citizen List

List of all users with Premium account.

Name Name of the citizen
Profession Profession of the citizen (e.g. Farmer)
Account Premium account type (Standard/Plus)
Title Title based on ranking in the Citizen List of the current game period

User List

Like Citizen List - Shows all users

Citizen Titles

Position Ranking of the citizen as a function of the sorting method chosen
Name Name of the citizen
Garden Master Current value of the citizen, in this discipline
Board Game Champion Current value of the citizen, in this discipline
Rivals Champion Current value of the citizen, in this discipline
Desert Conqueror Current value of the citizen, in this discipline
Dice Master Current value of the citizen, in this discipline

This chart provides a quick overview of the competition that exists in your own city. However, the ranks for the individual titles are sorted by absolute value only. In case of a tie, various tiebreakers (mostly the length of time the players have been Premium members) may take effect; the tiebreakers are not displayed here. If you want to know your actual rank, you can view it in the "Player Titles" chart in the Hostel / your own house.


Date Date of the action
Name Name of the citizen
Origin City from which the citizen relocated to the current city; if this column is empty, the citizen is a new arrival.
Premium Premium account yes/no


Date Date of the action
Name Name of the citizen
Destination City to which the citizen has moved; if this field is empty, the player either canceled his/her account or it was downgraded to a Free Account, causing his/her house to be removed.
Premium Premium account yes/no

Gold Distribution

Date Date of the action
Name Name of the citizen
Gold Number of gold distributed to the citizen on this date
Message Any comment by the Mayor (20 characters maximum)
Issued By Name of deliverer

Messages from the Mayor (Bulletin Board)

Date Date of the action
Content Message text

The following functions are available to be used by the Mayor and his/her Deputy only:

Distribution of the City's Gold

Every week, the Town Hall produces 10 gold. It can store a maximum of 120. Using a list of inhabitants, the Mayor or his/her Deputy can selectively distribute the city's gold among certain citizens of the city. He/she can also add one message per transfer (20 characters maximum). This message (e.g., "tournament victory") is also shown in the Gold Distribution chart.

What the gold is used for is up to the Mayor. For example, it can be used to support citizens in need or for city tournaments.


To avoid nepotism, the gold distribution is made public via announcement in the lobby of the Town Hall. Therefore, the Mayor should consider carefully how he wants to invest the city’s gold.

Sending Announcements

Via the message tool in the button bar at the top, the Mayor can send important information to the citizens of the city (for example, the announcement of a city tournament).

The Mayor can decide which user groups he/she wants to send a message to:

  1. All Premium users,
  2. All citizens of the city.

In addition, the Mayor can indicate whether the message should also be posted on the bulletin board (default: no) and sent to users with a certain language option (de, en, both). The messages may have a maximal length of 1,000 characters.


The Mayor can nominate a Deputy to take over his duties during his absence or to reduce his workload. A Deputy has the same privileges and duties as the Mayor, except for the right to nominate a Deputy. The name of the current Deputy is displayed in the table "Information About the Cities." Only one Deputy can be active at a time. If a new Deputy is nominated, the current Deputy is dismissed automatically.

Dismissing the Deputy

By means of this function, the current Deputy is dismissed and no new one is nominated.