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The Game Statistics

The games statistics are a player's calling card. They reveal how often a player played a game from beginning to end. Playing each game from beginning to end is important for the playing culture, and it is also a matter of respect for the other players. If a player abandons a game, the remaining players are forced to look for a substitute or, in the worst case, have to abandon the game altogether. The time they invested in playing is wasted. Therefore, players with poor game statistics can expect to have difficulties finding opponents. Poor statistics send out the message that this player will probably not stay in a game until it ends. Also, players who habitually do not finish games (quitters) violate the Terms and Conditions for PlayCatan.

A player's personal game statistics are displayed next to his/her avatar. They show how many games the player started (green arrow), finished (red arrow), and finished as a substitute (blue arrow). Only the last 99 games are counted. Games with “noscoring” option are not included in the statistics. If you have joined a game as a substitute, you may leave that game again without effects for your game statistic (but nevertheless you should do your best to finish a game you have entered).


The better the ratio between started and finished games is, the more stars a player own. In the game entries in the game manger the number of stars of the fellow players can be viewed directly. On this basis you can decide if you want to join a game or not. Furthermore the host of the game may set a minimum number of stars necessary to join the game.

  • 95% - 100%: 3 golden stars
  • 80% - 95%: 3 stars
  • 65% - 80%: 2 stars
  • 50% - 65%: 1 star
  • 0% - 50%: no star A player gets his/her stars only after 20 games. Newbies, which have not already played 20 games, are marked with a smiley. Games "finished as a substitute" are neither counted toward this percentage nor toward the 20-games limit.

Example: A player has started 40 games and finished 35 of them. Furthermore he has played in 8 games as a substitute. His ratio is 87,5% and he owns 3 normal stars.

Games Played as a Substitute, and Monthly Lists

Players who join games as a substitute help other players who just lost one of the participants in the game they were playing. Therefore, substituting is basically a very laudable act, the reward being that the substitute player has no disadvantage if he/she loses the game. This also has a great advantage: the games played as a substitute can take a player to the top of the ranking list without having to run any risks. However, players who want to reach a position in the ranking list should primarily play their games from beginning to end, which also implies the risk that lost games are included in the count. For this reason, the following rule applies:

To appear in the Monthly List, the number of games finished as a substitute player cannot be larger than the number of games finished in a regular fashion.


What happens if a player leaves the game and we can't find a substitute?

Unfortunately, the game has to be abandoned in this case. But please don't just leave the game, because if you do, the game is counted as unfinished for you as well. Use the built-in Abort function instead. You can use this function to end the game by common accord between the players who are still present. In this case, no score is given for the game, but it is counted as correctly finished and does not burden your game statistics.

If I have entered a game as a substitute, may I leave that game again without drawbacks?

Yes, if you have entered the game as a substitute (you were not among the players that have started the game), you may leave that game without any consequences to your game statistics. But you should try to finish that game nevertheless.

Why are abandoned games permitted at all? Shouldn't the limit be 100%? Why aren't users with such poor statistics automatically kicked out of PlayCatan?

While persistent quitting is a violation of our General Terms and Conditions, we are opposed to automatic expulsion. A decision should always be made based on the individual situation, especially if it involves expulsion. The rule described here already restricts players with poor game statistics quite a bit. However, these players should also have the possibility to redeem themselves, and automatic expulsion would not offer this possibility.

How can I abort a game?

If you click on the Exit button during a game, you will be asked if you really want to leave or want to initiate a vote to decide whether to abort the game in a regular fashion. Only if all players agree to abort the game, the game is counted as finished. If you just leave the game, it will appear as unfinished in your game statistics.