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Differences from the Web Version

PlayCatan offers two possibilities to play online with other people. You can either use PlayCatan on modern Web browsers or download and install the PlayCatan access software. In the medium term, we plan to focus on further developing the Web version and discontinue the access software. However, during the transition period the access software will still be available.

Technical Differences

The web version runs in all modern browsers that support the HTML5 standard (Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 11). The access software is only available for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux and requires Java.

Content Differences

Screen Layout

The Web version offers all important functions and information at a glance - no need to laboriously click through various submenus. The three areas on the left and right side and at the bottom of the page (avatar info, "My Lists," and chat) can be collapsed to create more room for the area in the center of the window. In addition, the content of the main window dynamically adapts to the window size. The layout of the access software is much more rigid, and only a limited number of screen resolutions is available.

City Layout

In the Web version the city layout has been highly simplified. You can find all important buildings at a glance. Your own house is displayed directly in the avatar info, and you can also view the houses of the other users directly in their info windows. In the PlayCatan access software, however, you move your avatar through a scrollable city layout where the important buildings are located in the center. The citizens' houses are scattered throughout the entire map. If you enter one of the buildings in the center of the city, you can view its interior and interact with the persons and objects there. If you hover the pointer over an object with a particular function, a tooltip appears.