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PlayCatan Access Software – Installation and Login

The current installation version of the PlayCatan Access Software can be found on the Download page. Follow the link and download the file to your computer, then open the file and follow the instructions for installation (except Linux - see below). If you don't have Java installed yet or your Java version is outdated, the corresponding updates will be made during the installation process.

  • Windows: After installation, in the Windows start menu you will find a program folder named “Catan” with subfolders for the PlayCatan. The PlayCatan subfolder contains the shortcut “Start PlayCatan.” Please use this shortcut to login.

  • Mac OS X: The PlayCatan app is located in your personal home directory under Applications / Catan.

  • Linux: Please extract the folder “PlayCatan” from the downloaded archive to any location in your home directory. Open this folder and run the “” script. A shortcut named “PlayCatan” will be created on your desktop. In case your Linux distribution is not compatible with the created desktop link, please activate the PlayCatan Access Software via the “” script, e.g., by double-clicking it or by entering “./” in a terminal window.

The Login Window

This window appears directly after starting the application.

  1. News - This is where the latest news regarding PlayCatan are displayed. The list is scrollable.
  2. Message of the day - Here, frequently updated messages are displayed, such as the date and time of a tournament.
  3. Server status - If the indicator light is green, the server is running and a connection can be established. If it is red, there is a problem with the Internet connection; in this case, please continue reading here.
  4. Settings
    • Full Screen
    • To the Games - If a checkmark is placed here, after login you are sent directly to the games in your city's Tavern. Remove the checkmark to start in your own house or in the Hostel.
    • Window Size - The list shows the resolutions supported by your system. Especially for older systems, some options with 16-bit color depth are listed further below. Choose one of those options if the normal resolutions cause problems for your system. At the end of the list, a couple of other resolutions are added that work only for window sizes smaller than full screen.
      Tip: 1280x800 and 1650x1050 are particularly suitable for modern widescreen monitors. However, these resolutions can also be used for regular monitors; just make sure you don't select a resolution larger than your desktop resolution.
  5. Login - Enter your PlayCatan login information here.
  6. When you click on the “Login” button, first an automatic check is performed to determine whether or not you are using the current version, and updates are installed if necessary; after that, you will be connected to PlayCatan.