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What Can I Do if I Have Problems with Other Users?

If you encounter users who, in your opinion, behave improperly toward you in any way, the fastest way to avoid further incidents is putting these users on your Ignore List. To enter a name on this list, select the user in the "My Lists" area, click on "Copy," and choose "Ignore List." Confirm the action by clicking on "OK." If the player is no longer present, switch to the Ignore List in the "My Lists" area. Enter the name of the respective user in the text field, then click on the "+" button to add the name to your Ignore List.

  • Now he can no longer chat with you or join games you have already joined yourself.

Should the harassment be so extreme that you want to complain about the user, you can send us an official complaint. If you are being insulted in the PlayCatan chat, please make sure to save your chat so you can submit the case to our complaints department.

Users who harass or insult other users or who otherwise violate the General Terms and Conditions are in danger of being expelled from PlayCatan. Therefore, an accusation of this kind is not a minor affair and will be thoroughly examined.

What should be included in a complaint so that it has a good chance of success and can be processed rapidly?

Important: In case of complaints due to offensive chat messages from other players, make sure to save your chat via the "Save" function.

You may want to add a comment, to make it easier to find the chat protocol afterwards. To save the chat, click on "Send."

Now a chat protocol is generated and stored in your personal area at “My PlayCatan” for a period of 6 weeks. From there, you may submit the stored chat to our complaints department.

Please note: Only a chat saved in this fashion will be recognized as valid evidence!

Will I be notified about what happens with my complaint?

First you get an automated acknowledgment of receipt. Once our complaints team has determined which measures to take, you receive another message. If you don't receive an answer immediately, please have a little patience - first the evidence must be evaluated, which may take some time.

What should you do if you suspect illegal team play?

Please bear in mind that each player is free to place the robber wherever it seems adequate to him, and that it is allowed to temporarily team up on the player who has the highest chance to win the game. However, if you want to complain about illegal team play - for example, when opponents give each other resources for free or make each other trade offers that are more favorable than the exchange rate of the bank - please be sure to document this. We can only intervene if the evidence provided is solid. If you feel that another player generally treats you in an unfair manner, in the future you should simply avoid this player or put him on your Ignore List.

What should you do if a player blocks a game by simply doing nothing?

If you use the Turn Timer option, you can prevent other players from simply sitting out a game. Should an opponent nevertheless try to intentionally hold up the game, please request help from an in-game moderator (see below). In-game moderators can remove players from the game they are blocking.

The In-Game Moderators

A team of committed and experienced users is online to offer help regarding questions and problems and to mediate in confrontational situations. These in-game moderators can be easily identified by the blue color of their names. You can usually find them in the Global or Global Premium chat channel.

The in-game moderators provide assistance on a voluntary basis. Therefore, users requesting help are kindly asked for their understanding if a member of the team of in-game moderators rejects a request or refers them to another team member - for example, because at that moment he or she is participating in a game or is otherwise occupied.