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Sign-up and Login

To use PlayCatan, please register your account first. To do that please click on the link on the log-in screen "No Account yet?".

Choose your nickname with a minimum length of 3 chars. Please note our General Terms regarding nicknames. Nicknames not apropriate to our general terms will be deleted without further notice.

Now enter your personal e-mail address and the ZIP code of your home town in the next window. The ZIP code is used to assign you to one of the cities on PlayCatan. You may move to another city later if you wish. Please confirm your input by clicking on "Create".

A confirmation e-mail is sent to your e-mail address now. This contains a password to login to PlayCatan for the first time. Only now your are fully registered on PlayCatan. Please make sure to change your password directly after login in the "MyPlayCatan"-section.