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Reading and Sending of Messages on PlayCatan

  • List of messages (A)
  • Message content (B)
  • "New Message" (C)
  • Delete selected Message(s) (D)
  • Browser though messages (E)

By clicking on the button "Messages" in the right bar the message window can be opened. With this tool you can write messages to other users on PlayCatan and read messages, which has been sent to you by other users.

Read Message

You may select a message in the list. The content will be shown in the space below. You may browser through the messages by clicking on the arrow-buttons in the middle.

You may delete select multiple messages to delete them at once.

Send Message

To send a message please click on the button "New Message" A new window will be opened. Please enter the recipient's name in the upper entry field (A) and the content of the message in the lower entry field (B). Finally, please click on "OK" to send this message.