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My Lists (Lists of Friends, Ignore List, etc.)


  • Choose existing list (A)
  • Input field for new entry (B)
  • User entry (C)
  • Start private chat (D)
  • Copy chosen entry/entries (E)
  • Move chosen entry/entries (F)
  • Delete chosen entry/entries (G)
  • Hide "My Lists" (H)
  • Add new list (I)
  • Show more information of that user (J)

On PlayCatan you meet a vast number of users. To keep track of your acquaintances and friends, in addition to various standard lists you may create your own lists and fill them with user entries.

A user entry on a list shows you, at one glance, the user's name, status, hometown, a picture of his avatar, and whether he is online (green = online, orange = busy (please do not disturb), red = offline).

The color of the name plate also shows the type of account that user has:

  • Blank = Free-Account
  • Light Grey = Day-Pass
  • Dark Grey = Standard-Account
  • White = Plus-Account
  • Blue = Moderator
  • Orange = Admin

Show more information of a single user

Every entry in a list has a Information-Button with which you can display more information about that single user. This user info includes information about the user's game statistics, his house level and clothing level, and the number of his resources, similar to your own info display (see Your Avatar Info).

Individual Lists

As a default you have one "Friends"-list. You may create up to 10 additional lists. For example, you may create a list of friends consisting of users you particularly like to play with, which allows you to see at a glance whether one of these users is online and, if so, directly chat with him.

If you want to create a new list, click on the "+" button next to the field where the existing lists can be chosen. Name the new list and click on "OK" to create that list. You can delete individual lists by clicking on the "-" button next to the field where the existing lists can be chosen. After a security prompt, the list and all its entries is irrevocably deleted.

New entries on the currently chosen list can be made directly via the input field below the field where the existing lists can be chosen (enter the user's name and confirm by clicking on "OK"). You can also copy entries on the current list to another list. For this purpose, select one or more user entries and click on "Copy." The "Move" button allows you to move one or more entries between your own lists. If you want to delete one or more entries, select them and click on "Delete."

Further Standard Lists

  • Attendance
    This list displays all users who are in the same chat channel as you. You can't make changes to this list.

  • Citizen
    All citizens of your own city (except users with a free account) are listed here. You can't make changes to this list.

  • Ignore
    On this list you can enter users you don't want to have contact with. The users on this list can't send you private chat requests, and their chat messages are hidden automatically. Furthermore, these users can't join a game you participate in (and vice versa).