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Life in the World of Catan

If you have a standard- or plus-account PlayCatan is offering a whole world of Catan for you.



Everything about resources

Just as in the Board Games, resources are indispensable in the Metagame too. You can use them for paying the masons to upgrade your own house or for buying new clothes from the tailor.

Every day at 7 p.m. CET you receive a new resource, which is displayed in your resources window. The resources are ore, brick, grain, wool, and lumber. The type of resource you get is determined randomly, but it is likely for you to receive resources with affinity to your chosen profession. That way, if you are a miller, you are more likely to receive grain than lumber or ore.

Lumberjack Brickmaker Shepherd Miller Smith
Lumber 40% 20% 20% 20%|/
Brick 20% 40% 20% /|20%
Wool / 20% 40% 20%|20%
Grain 20% / 20% 40%|20%
Ore 20% 20% / 20%|40%

You also obtain resources if you participate in the games that take place in the Taverns. If you have participated in at least one game during one week (the new week starts Sunday night at 12 p.m. CET, +/- 30 minutes), you receive one resource; if you have participated in at least 5 games, you get yet another resource.

But winning is rewarded too! If, during one week (see above), you win at least one game, you're awarded one resource, and if you win 3 games during one week, you’ll obtain yet another resource. It would be wise, though, to first upgrade your house and thus increase its storage capacity.


As in real life, gold is a very special resource and shouldn’t be confused with the coins you can get from the Coin Trader. You only receive gold in special cases - for example, when you win a tournament. Each player can store a maximum of 25 gold. At the Bank, gold can always be exchanged for any other resource at a 1:1 rate.


Sometimes you may not be able to buy something in particular, because you lack certain resources. In this case, you should visit either the Bank or the Market Square in the center of the city and trade resources with the merchants there or trade with fellow citizens who may be around.

Pay attention to your fellow citizens’ nametag colors! The colors tell you their profession. For example, the nametag of a miller is yellow. If you happen to be in dire need of grain, you should approach a miller.

  • Trades between players can only be made at a 1:1 rate.
  • It is not possible to trade with users from other cities.

By clicking the button "Trade" in the avatar info section you can open the trade window. There you can set up the resource you are offering and the resource you are demanding. If you click on "Sent" then, this trade offer will be presented to all users, who are in the same room with you. These users may now accept or decline your offer (by clicking on "Yes" or "No"). If a user accepts your offer it will be displayed in his / her entry on your screen. Now you can accept this "counteroffer" again and the trade will be executed.