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During the Game (Game Administration)

Aborting a Game by Mutual Agreement

Before you leave the game via the “Exit” button in the upper button bar, a confirmation prompt pops up asking you whether you really want to exit. If you confirm, the game appears in your game statistics as unfinished! As another option, the players can decide by mutual agreement whether they want to abort a game. The decision to abort a game must be made unanimously by all players present; the game is then closed and appears as a finished game in the game statistics but doesn’t count for the monthly lists or ELO. During a time-out, a game cannot be aborted.

Each game has either to be finished in a regular fashion or be aborted in agreement with the other players.

Removing a Player Via Turn Timer

In the premium area a turn timer may be selected as an option in the Catan boardgames (exception: Multi-Catan and Troy). If this option is activated a time limit per turn can be set to 120, 150 or 180 seconds (default: 180). In the free area the turn-timer is always on and set to 150 seconds.

If a player has not ended his turn 30 seconds before the selected time limit has ended, a warning appears explaining that the turn must end in 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds have passed, the other players decide via majority vote whether to remove the player who is no longer responding. If they decide to remove the player, the remaining players must look for a substitute or abort the game by mutual agreement.

In the free area: To avoid that the player who has just been removed instantly re-joins the game, he/she is automatically put on a temporary block list of each player still in the game (the block list remains active until these players' next login). In the premium area the players are asked if that player may rejoin or not and they can decide if they want him back in the game or not (so it is not necessary to put him on a temporary block list in this case).

If the game is aborted by mutual agreement (see above) or played until the end with the help of a substitute player, the game is counted as unfinished for the excluded player. If the game is suspended because one or more players are not present, the timer is stopped as well, for the duration of the interruption.

In the 2-player game “The Rivals for Catan - Introductory Game” the turn timer is not active.

Removing a Player Via Majority Vote (Premium Area Only)

If the turn-timer option is not active in a game, players may be removed from the game in special occasions. If a player behaves in a grossly insulting fashion or blocks a game without reason, the other participating players can remove him/her from the game via majority vote. It is not permitted to kick a player out of a game only because he/she plays aggressively (but sticks to the rules), or because the player needs a little more time to deliberate, maybe due to the fact that he/she a beginner. This function should, therefore, be used with caution and only if a normal game with the player concerned is definitely no longer possible. You can access this function via the game administration (upper button bar). As soon as the player in question has been selected, the majority of the other participating players must approve the request so that the player can be removed from the game. Afterwards, the remaining players must look for a substitute or abort the game by mutual agreement. A game that is either aborted by mutual agreement or finished with the help of a substitute player counts as unfinished for the excluded player.

In 2-player games and team games, players cannot be removed via this function.

Surrender a Game (“Rivals for Catan” only)

A player, who has a significant victory point deficit, may surrender a game. If a player leads by 5 points the function is available in the defeated players turn (via the “Exit Game”-menu). The victory points of the winner will be rounded up to the points necessary for winning. This function is not available in official tournament games such as the 'Rivals for Catan'-Marathon. In community tournaments the tournament administration will decide if this function may be used or not.

Game lock when leaving a game prematurely

If a player leaves a game prematurely on his own (without closing the game by mutual agreement with the other players), he / her is not able to set up a new game or enter another game for 5 minutes. If the current game is still running, the player can return in that game as long as the other players agree to his / her comeback. There is no lock if a substitute player is leaving a game.