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In-game Statistics

If the statistics function is available in a selected game, the Statistics button in the upper button bar is active. A click on this button opens an additional window with important information about the game progress.

The window is divided into two views:

  1. Distribution of rolled numbers and resource types

    1. Distribution of dice rolls
    2. Distribution of resources produced
    3. Distribution of symbol dice rolls (barbarians, green/blue/yellow city expansions) - only in scenarios with Cities & Knights rules
  2. Special Data on Resource Income and Resources Spent

    • 1st line: Overall balance

      1. Resources missed because of blockage by robber
      2. Sum of all resources income
      3. Sum of all resources spent
      4. Resources available in the game
    • 2nd line: Resource income

      1. Income via production
      2. Income via stealing
      3. Income via Progress Cards
      4. Income via trade
    • 3rd line: Resources Spent

      1. Resources discarded because of exceeding the resource limit when a "7" is rolled
      2. Resources lost by being robbed
      3. Resources lost via Progress Cards
      4. Resources spent when trading