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PlayCatan – Catan Board Game – Multicatan

6 players are simultaneously competing for the most victory points in an unknown ocean area. The crucial difference to the classical Catan Board Game is that all players build and trade at the same time. By means of this simultaneity, the game is developing its very own dynamics.

The players are always facing each other in groups of two, and they have two neighbors. The neighbors of the 5th and 6th player are at the same time the players 1 and 2. Each player starts on his/her main island. The inner belt of islands is either above or below the player; it must be discovered, because, at the beginning, the rest of the game area is still unknown. But the other players should also be scouted out, because it is the only way to know their current number of victory points and the land they already have discovered or settled. As long as you haven't discovered another player yet, Catan’s scenery thus looks deceptively calm.

In principle, the game rules of the Base Game apply, with a few exceptions:

  1. At the beginning, you build two settlements on your main island, one of which you can immediately upgrade to a city. You can also build either 1 road or 1 ship adjacent to the settlements.

  2. The dice are always rolled automatically, as soon as all players have finished their turns.

  3. The game lasts for 72 rounds, whereupon the player with the most victory points wins. In case of a tie, the number of resources determines the winner.

  4. The Largest Army (LA) and the Longest Road (LR) counts only after you have discovered at least one opponent. From that moment on, the player with the highest scores receives the victory points. Unlike in the Board Game, players with equal scores can share the LA and the LR. In this case, each of them gets 2 additional victory points.

  5. The robber has a base on each main island and, therefore, moves in with each player when a 7 is rolled. As before, you can use a Knight card to drive the robber away; you then receive a resource from the terrain you drove him away from.

  6. You can also play Knight cards when no robber is present. In this case, you receive 2 resources of your choice.

  7. Various treasures are hidden in the ocean and on the inner belt of islands. If you build a road or ship next to a treasure, you either receive resources or the possibility to build additional roads or ships.

  8. You can only trade with players you already have discovered. In order to be able to trade, at least one of the trading partners must not have finished his/her turn. Therefore, you can also trade after finishing your own turn if the trading partner is still active; otherwise, you'd have to wait until the next turn.

  9. Building a settlement on the inner belt of islands or on a foreign main island earns you 2 special victory points each. However, the inner belt of islands counts as a unit, meaning that here you can get the special victory points only once, whereas each of your opponents' main islands can earn you additional victory points.

  10. Among the Development Cards you can find Knight cards, Road Building cards, and Victory Point cards, but no Inventions or Monopolies.