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Seafarers Only

Desert Riders

Required Number of Victory Points: 13 victory points

There are 2 large islands in this scenario: the home island in the southeast and the “New Island” in the northeast. All players build their two settlements on the home island; one of these settlements has to be built on the coast facing the “New Island.”

How the Desert Riders Come into Play:

Each time a settlement or city is built, desert riders appear on the deserts of the home island - 2 of them in a four-player game and 3 in a 3-player game. As soon as 18 desert riders have gathered on the deserts, they attack.

Attack of the Desert Riders

Each time the number of a hex adjacent to a hex with a desert rider is rolled, one desert rider moves onto this hex.


Hexes occupied by desert riders stop to produce resources. Once the desert riders have surrounded all neighboring terrains of a settlement/city, this settlement/city is no longer worth victory points. A settlement/city at the coast is safe, because the desert riders do not occupy a water hex. A road segment adjacent to two hexes with desert riders is occupied; this interrupts a continuous road.


As early as possible, the players should try to reach the “New Island” by ship, build new settlements there, and regain their strength. Buying Development Cards has a special function: if you play a Knight card, you can drive away any of the desert riders from the home island.