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Traders & Barbarians with Cities & Knights

The Caravans C&K

Required Number of Victory Points: 15 victory points

Nomads have settled at the oasis. They are in dire need of brick andlumber, and they offer commodities of the desert in exchange. Since the settlers of Catan can always spare some brick and lumber, the nomads send out camels to transport those coveted resources. Three caravans are formed during the course of the game, each caravan consisting of a string of camels. Each settlement and city adjacent to a caravan route is worth an extra victory point. Each road running parallel to a caravan counts double (important for determining Longest Road). The rules of the Base Game apply.

Placing Camels

If, after set-up, you build any settlements or cities during your turn, 1 camel is placed after you finish your turn. Its exact placement is determined in a voting round.

You must place a camel either on a path directly pointed to by one of the arrows on the oasis hex, or on a path adjacent to a camel that has already been placed.

That way, during the course of the game up to 3 caravans are formed by placing various camels one following another.

Voting Round

Starting with the active player, each player bids one ore more brick or lumber cards. Then each player indicates simultaneously where he or she would like to place the camel (symbolized by the arrows in the corresponding player colors). There is a time limit of 60 seconds for placing the arrows. You have one vote for each card that you bid.

  • If you have more votes than all of the other players combined, you choose where to place the camel.

  • If 2 or more players combined have the majority of the votes and they agree on the placement of the camel, they place the camel accordingly.

  • In case of a tie or if no agreement is reached, the player who has placed the most cards chooses where to place the camel.

If there is no such player, then the active player chooses on which path to place the camel.

Effect of the Caravan
Longest Road

A road on the same path as a camel counts as 2 roads for the purposes of Longest Road. For example, if a player has 4 continuous road segments and 2 of those road segments are on the same paths as camels, it would count as road with a length of "6." This would fulfill the requirement of a length of at least "5" for an initial Longest Road.

Increase in value of cities and settlements

Each settlement or city located between 2 camels is worth one additional victory point.