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PlayCatan – Catan Board Game – Seafarers


In principle, the rules of the Catan Base Game apply. There are additional rules for the use of ships, and there is also the rule for the pirate.

Building Costs:

Building a ship costs one lumber and one wool.

Placing Rule:

A ship can only be placed on a border between two sea hexes or a sea hex and a terrain hex (coast). Furthermore, a ship must always be placed next to a ship of the same color or a settlement/city of the same color. You are allowed to place a ship next to a road only if there is a settlement/city in between.

Open and Closed Ship Routes:

If several ships are lined up one after another, they are forming a ship route. A ship route that connects two of your own cities/settlements is a “closed ship route,” otherwise it is an “open ship route.”

Moving Ships:

Unlike roads, ships can be moved according to the following rules:

  • You can only move one ship per turn.

  • You can move only the first ship of an open ship route.

  • You cannot move a ship belonging to a closed ship route.

  • You cannot move a ship you acquired during the same turn.

  • When moving a ship to a different spot, you must observe the placing rule.


If you roll a “7,” you can move either the robber or the pirate. If you opt for the pirate, you can place him on any sea hex. Now you can steal a resource from a game partner who owns a ship adjacent to this sea hex.

Further rules: Ships bordering on a pirate hex cannot be moved. Likewise, no new ships can be placed on the edges of the pirate hex.