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The Deck Editor

With the deck editor you can easily design a custom game deck and provide that on the PlayCatan server for your use in your next tournament game. The access to those decks is limited to their original designers.

You find the deck editor in the "Games" menu of this website.

A custom deck only consists of action cards, settlement/city expansions, city expansions, region expansions, road complements, metropolises, and marker cards. In addition, you may select 4 event cards for the shared event card stack and determine your 3 starting cards.

A deck is designed as follows:

After you have started the deck editor you see the complete pool of all available cards. If the window of the deck editor is to small to display everything you can scroll it with the scroll bars or by using the arrow buttons on your keyboard.

You can sort every column of this list or filter it by selecting a decent value for a column or by typing in a text in case of the card name column.

The first column shows where the card is located in your custom deck:

Hand cards - These are your hand cards, if you are choosing this deck in a game.
Draw Stack - These cards will be in your draw stacks.
Event Stack - These event cards will be in the event stack.
These cards are not being chosen for your custom deck.

By clicking on the symbol next to the card's name you can change the place of this card:

Normal cards: Not chosen -> draw stack -> hand cards
Event cards: Not chosen -> event stack

Now, please do the following:

  1. Choose 32 cards from the card pool for your draw stacks.

  2. Choose 4 cards for the event card stack.

  3. Finally, choose 3 cards as you starting cards.

A simple click on the card's name opens a window with further instructions.

By using the button "Deck Administration" you can:

a) Save your custom deck on the server - you have to do that before you could use it in your next game
b) Load a custom deck from the server
c) Print a custom deck

Cards marked with "(1x)" can only be built once by each player. You may, however, include more than one of these cards in your deck, to increase the probability of quickly finding one of them.

Cards that are not allowed in the Tournament Game are not included in the deck editor. Therefore, you don't have to think about whether a card is valid or not. Pease note that only complete decks are transferred to the server, otherwise an error message is displayed.

Sample Decks

For all those who don't dare to assemble their own deck yet we have published some sample decks by Dr. Reiner Düren. You may choose these decks at the beginning of the game.