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The Deck Editor

The independent deck editor program (available in the download area) allows you to easily design and publish your own deck on the PlayCatan server. The access to those decks is limited to their original designers. A custom deck only consists of action cards, settlement/city expansions, city expansions, region expansions, road complements, metropolises, and marker cards. In addition, you may select 4 event cards for the shared event card stack and determine your 3 starting cards.

A deck is designed as follows:

  1. Choose 32 cards from the card pool in the lower part of the program window for your draw stacks.

  2. Choose 4 cards for the event card stack.

  3. Finally, choose 3 cards as you starting cards.

You can drag and drop cards to the different areas. You may also select multiple cards and move them simultaneaously.

A double-click on a card entry results in one of the following actions:

  • On a card in the card pool -> Event cards are moved directly to the event cards area, all other cards are moved to the draw stacks area.

  • On a card in the "draw stack," "event card," or "cards in your hand" area -> Card is moved to the card pool

To choose your starting hand, you have to move the cards to the respective area by using drag-and-drop. Next, you have to choose a distinctive name for your deck.

You can save the deck locally on your hard drive or print it.

To use a custom deck online in the Tournament Game, you must first transfer it to the server. For this, you need a valid PlayCatan account.

Now select the menu item "Deck Administration" in the file menu. Please enter your name and password in the respective entry fields and confirm by clicking on "Login". If you already have transferred decks to the server before, they will be displayed in the middle part of the window. Now you can either load one of these decks or delete the decks you no longer want. If you have designed a new deck and want to transfer it to the server, be sure it has a distinctive name and click on "Save." The deck is now available when you start your next Tournament Game in the Catan Online World.

Cards marked with "(1x)" can only be built once by each player. You may, however, include more than one of these cards in your deck, to increase the probability of quickly finding one of them.

Cards that are not allowed in the Tournament Game are not included in the deck editor. Therefore, you don't have to think about whether a card is valid or not. Pease note that only complete decks are transferred to the server, otherwise an error message is displayed.

Sample Decks

For all those who don't dare to assemble their own deck yet we have published some sample decks by Dr. Reiner Düren. You may choose these decks at the beginning of the game.