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The Tavern and the Game Manager

Important Actions: Game Playing

Strictly speaking, there are two Taverns, and you can find them in the lower part of the city center. If you activate the Tavern button (beer mug) in the button bar at the top left of the screen, you can also go directly to the Board Game Tavern.

The Classic Card Game (not Rivals for Catan) is played in the Tavern on the left, and in the Tavern on the right all board (and Rivals for Catan) games are played, that is, any variant of Catan as well as Domaine, Hoity Toity, Elasund, and Realm of the Desert Sons.

Aside from the normal gaming area, the Board Game Tavern also houses a specific area for tournaments. There are official tournaments as well as unofficial tournaments, the latter of which are organized by committed users of the Catan community. More info about tournaments is given in the News section of this website.

The section “Game Manager” gives you ample information on how to play in the Tavern. In addition to participating in a game, in the Tavern you can view the current game statistics charts.