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PlayCatan service will be extended

Dec 04, 2015

Catan Universe will soon start into early access and will offer a new home for all Catan players. As usual during an early access, Catan Universe will start with a core feature set that will quickly grow over the coming weeks. We invite all PlayCatan users to take the chance to participate during this time. Nevertheless we jointly decided with USM to extend the PlayCatan service over the Holiday Season (until Jan. 18, 2016 - 10am CET). This is a thank-you to all our loyal customers: We‘ll offer PlayCatan alongside the new Catan Universe for this timeframe. The same will apply for the Klaus Teuber's Web Games. We can assure you that this was no easy decision as the end-date for PlayCatan had to be decided and prepared carefully well in advance. An extension is therefore complex on both an organizational as well as a technical level. Therefore we’re glad that this could be made possible with a few limitations.

Please note that PlayCatan won’t be able to operate in exactly the same way as before and a few rules apply:

  • This is one-time extension of the service. It’s not possible to increase the term beyond January 18th 2016.
  • In this period no new registrations will be possible. The offer applies to existing customers (and those that register until December 14th) only.
  • Upgrading to a premium membership is no longer possible and also one-day tickets will no longer be available. Every user keeps his current status as regular- or plus-user.
  • During the extended service PlayCatan is absolutely free and no subscription fees apply.
  • We’ll only be able to offer limited support for the period until January 18th 2016.

The last issue is of special importance. As various service agreements will run out, response times to technical problems can be slightly longer. Please accept our apologies, if this is the case. However we’ll continue to do our best to offer a smooth gaming experience. PlayCatan goes into extra time and we hope you have a great time playing! Head over to Catan Universe as soon as early access starts. We’re sure you’ll like it. We’ll announce it here when the new platforms is ready.