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A Look into the Future: PlayCatan HTML5 Beta

Dec 05, 2013

It is expected that on Monday, December 16 - which is the day when the beta test for the new PlayCatan website begins - Standard and Plus Account users will be able to get a first impression of the upcoming PlayCatan version. The previous site continues to be available, of course.

The site's structure has been completely reworked, and in the future all current games can be played directly in the web browser. This first public test version is primarily meant to test the server capacity. The development has already reached a very advanced stage, and many new and improved functions have been implemented. Further information will follow soon, and we look forward to your participation in the beta test.

Technological progress continues, and in some areas Java, the programming language we have used so far for implementing the games on PlayCatan, unfortunately is no longer cutting-edge. Therefore, some time ago we decided to change the entire PlayCatan portal to HTML5 - not an easy task, considering PlayCatan's size and diversity. However, this new standard is future-proof and, compared to Java, has many advantages. Among other things, Java is not available on the ever-more-popular tablet PCs, which is incompatible with our future goal to offer PlayCatan also for the web browsers on iPad and Android tablets. Regarding the latter, however, we're not quite there yet. In its current version, PlayCatan is primarily intended for desktop systems with mouse control, but for future porting, conversion to HTML5 is a mandatory requirement, and we are taking the first step now.