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A New Home for Multicatan, Oceania and Co.

Apr 24, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that the PlayCatan games with monthly prize drawings will be discontinued at the end of April, and regrettably we'll have to follow through with it. However, during the past weeks we have been looking for a way to offer the games without prize drawings, and now we've found a solution.

Very soon, you will find the current browser games - Multicatan, Oceania, Starship Catan Light, Catan Dice Game, and Catan Puzzle - on a new website titled 'Klaus Teuber's Web Games,' albeit without the possibility to win prizes. As before, all you need is a valid PlayCatan account (regardless of whether it is a Free Account or a Plus Account). For technical reasons, the previous scores unfortunately cannot be transferred. The exact address of the new website will be published within the next few days, as soon as the website is ready.