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Explorers and Pirates: Land Ho!

Nov 08, 2013

There will be a new addition to the PlayCatan family! The journey of exploration is expected to start on Wednesday, November 13. We begin the publication of the fourth Catan expansion - "Explorers and Pirates" - with the first scenario, "Land Ho!" (available to Standard and Plus Account users).

The first scenario, "Land Ho!", is very suitable for learning the rules of the new expansion. In the weeks thereafter, more scenarios of increasing complexity will be released. If you want to get information about the game sooner, we recommend Prof. Easy's Quick Guide. In addition, the online instructions will be published on PlayCatan by the end of this week.

As a special feature, in addition to the original vertical set-up an optional, horizontal set-up will be available, thus allowing for a better use of the screen area of widescreen monitors.

Plus Account users will also be able to enjoy a variant with Cities u. Knights, expected to be released in December. So, there are quite a few new games for you to play!

The German-language version will be available after server restart at 10 a.m. CET. The English-language version will follow shortly after, at 12 noon CET.