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PlayCatan goes online again on Feb.18 for the duration of the Early Access Phase of Catan Universe

Feb 11, 2016

Despite the progress made during the last weeks, it seems that Catan Universe will remain in its early access phase longer than expected. For this reason, USM, the publisher of Catan Universe, has approached us with a proposal to take on and continue the operation and service of PlayCatan for the time being. We highly appreciate this move. Of course, this still means that PlayCatan will eventually be closed, but at least during the early access phase of Catan Universe we can continue offering you the familiar gaming experience on PlayCatan.

In the next days, together with USM we will provide the technical requirements that will make it possible to put PlayCatan online again under the new conditions. The expected start date for PlayCatan is Thursday, February 18 (10 a.m. CET).

From that day on, all users previously registered on PlayCatan will be able to log in with their old account information from PlayCatan and use all games offered on PlayCatan for free until the end of the early access phase of Catan Universe. As before, new registrations can no longer be made on PlayCatan. In the new Catan Universe forum, a PlayCatan section will be opened; the old PlayCatan forum will continue to be available in read-only mode.

We thank USM for making this possible and keep our fingers crossed that Catan Universe is completed soon.