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PlayCatan Tournament Survey - Results

Jul 09, 2014

Due to time-consuming activities concerning the PlayCatan user administration during the past weeks, regrettably it took us longer than planned to publish the results of our recent PlayCatan tournament survey. Now the results are finally available.

Unfortunately, participation was rather low, even though we had extended the period to allow more users to take the survey. However, mostly long-standing users answered the survey, which is why we definitely consider the results as relevant.

A clear majority of users pronounced themselves in favor of changing the current tournament ranking system to an ELO based ranking system, both for the Rivals for Catan tournaments and the board game tournaments. Consequently, we will work on this for the next tournament.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Cities & Knights was the most popular type of game; however, many users also voted for Seafarers scenarios. The other games were notably less popular, even though ca. 1/3 of the respondents wanted both Explorers & Pirates and the Catan base game. Still, for the time being we will limit future board game tournaments to Seafarers and Cities & Knights scenarios. However, we do not want to completely rule out the possibility of holding a special E&P tournament sometime. A majority of survey participants also pronounced themselves in favor of the new Team Tournament mode, but approval is still quite muted in this context. We'll have to think about how to proceed with regards to this mode.

The survey results can be downloaded here.