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Stars for the Game Statistics

Feb 21, 2014

Each player on PlayCatan has game statistics that show his or her started and finished games. In the future, each player's ratio of started to finished games will also be symbolized in the game entries by means of stars. Players with particularly good game statistics receive 3 stars, while players with bad statistics receive no star or only one star. In addition, there will be a game option that allows you to admit only those players to the games you set up who have a certain minimum number of stars. The stars thus replace the present "free for all" option. The new feature is expected to be available on February 25.

The existing statistics remain unchanged. Based on these statistics, the stars will be distributed as follows:

3 golden stars = 95-100%
3 stars = 80-95%
2 stars = 65-80%
1 stars = 50-65%
No star = 0-50%

Newcomers on PlayCatan are marked differently and are not included in this procedure. It isn't until these players have played 20 games that they are ranked according to their finished games.