Das offizielle Catan-Spieleportal


We are sorry, but your connection to the PlayCatan server could not be established or was lost.

This may have two reasons:

  1. If you have experienced a short failure of your Internet connection, please reload the website immediately and re-login again. If you were in a running game before, you can continue it, if you re-login within the next 2 minutes.

  2. If a re-login is not possible, but your Internet is working normally, the PlayCatan server is maybe down and not available at the moment. In that case please try again a little later.

Please note, that the server will be restarted once a day at 10am CET and therefor is not available at that time for around 5 minutes. Please wait a little time and login again. Running games will be saved in this case and can be continued shortly after.