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'Age of Enlightenment' for the Rivals for Catan
Tuesday, 11 September 2012 21:02

'Age of Enlightenment' - the 2nd expansion for the 'Rivals for Catan' Card Game - is expected to be published at PlayCatan on September 17. Three new Theme Sets highlight different, exciting eras of the Catan universe and offer many new cards.

In 'The Era of Prosperity,' Catan prospers after successfully repelling the barbarians, and the people's contentment becomes a key element of the game. In 'The Era of Explorers,' voyages of discovery are made, venturing out into the unknown seas surrounding Catan, where pirates lurk and foreign peoples and treasures await the daring seafarer. Finally, in 'The Era of Sages,' the sages come to Catan and add their 'miracles' to the mix. So there's plenty of variety!

The new Theme Sets are available in Duel mode at the same time.  The Theme Sets 'The Era of Prosperity' and 'The Era of Sages' will be available in Tournament mode as from October 24 ('Era of Explorers' is not intended to be included in the Tournament mode).

In our blog, Klaus Teuber provides extensive information about the new cards and the kind of actions players can perform in the game.

Update: In the original posting a release of the new expansion for the Tournament mode was announced for September 17. Unfortunately this was a misinformation and the news was changed accordingly. We apologize for this mistake.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 09:29