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Game News
New function for 'Rivals for Catan': Surrender a game
Sunday, 16 September 2012 13:13

In one of the last surveys a majority of 'Rivals for Catan'-players vote for the implementation of a 'Surrender the Game'-function. This function will now be available tomorrow at the same time as the new expansion. With that function it will be possible to give up a hopeless game. In contrast to the 'Abort a Game'-function the game will be scored for the leading player.

If a player leads by 5 points the function is available in a players own turn (via the 'Exit Game"-menu). The victory points of the winner will be rounded up to the points necessary for winning. This function is not available in official tournament games such as the 'Rivals for Catan'-Marathon. In community tournaments the tournament administration will decide if this function may be used or not.

Last Updated on Sunday, 16 September 2012 13:16