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Game News
Update Containing Small Improvements
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 01:46

On Wednesday, March 13 at 10:00 a.m. CET, an update containing small improvements for PlayCatan will go online.  

All these changes are based on suggestions made in the PlayCatan forum.

1. Access to New Games Is Blocked When Abandoning a Game

For a period of five minutes, players who abandon a game before its regular end won't be able to set up a new game or join another game already in progress - they will only be allowed to return to the current game. This blockage doesn't apply if the player left the game due to connection loss or if the other players expelled him/her from the game. As repeatedly stated elsewhere, intentionally abandoning a game in progress is not only bad style but also violates the PlayCatan General Terms and Conditions. Fairness toward his/her opponents requires a player to always finish a started game.

2. Change: "Friendly Robber"

To expedite the flow of the game, the "Friendly Robber" option will be changed. In the future, the robber/pirate does not have to be moved if none of the players has more than 2 victory points. In this case, the "moving the robber/pirate" phase is skipped.

3. Information Listed

In the "Citizen List," the column "Profession" will be added, and in the Town Hall you will be able to access the game statistics displayed in the Tavern.