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Monthly Prizes for the Browser Games

For each of the Browser Games: Catan Puzzle, Catan Dice Game, Multicatan, Oceania, and Starship Catan Light, two winners are determined on the last Saturday of each month: the first winner is drawn from Hall-of-Fame rank 1-10, the second one from rank 11-100.

Starting with the prize drawing on August 25, 2012, each winner receives a free 3-month Plus membership. Right after the drawing, the coupons issued will appear in the respective winners' “My PlayCatan” profile; as usual, they will be redeemable for 3 years after the time of issue.

Winners who registered an automatically renewing Standard or Plus subscription at the moment of the prize drawing may pass their coupon codes on to family members or friends. Otherwise, a coupon won in a prize drawing cannot be transferred to other players and, therefore, must be redeemed by the winner himself/herself.



Up to and including the February 2007 drawing, the prizes were fixed. Since March 2007 until July 2012, the winners could choose freely from the following prize options:

Winners from all over the world:

Die Räuber
The Robbers

Players from all over the world can win a specimen of the pewter-cast robber figure shown above, for which Klaus Teuber provided the wax model. Hand painted in Germany with great care and detail, this exclusive item is limited to 300 pieces. Each figure comes with a certificate signed by Klaus Teuber that also includes the figure's serial number.


Coupon for
3 months of free
Plus membership

With this coupon, you can upgrade your existent Free Account to a Plus Account, for a period of three months – free of charge – which allows you to play all games of the Catan Online World and thus become a genuine COW citizen.
Afterwards, you have the opportunity to continue your Plus membership at regular cost – otherwise, your account will automatically be downgraded to a Free Account after the three months are over. That way, you are not committing to anything.

You already have a Plus Account? In this case, you can use the coupon to play three months for free and then renew your monthly subscription or purchase a subscription package to continue.

Or you can give the coupon as a gift to another Catan fan and thus get her or him excited about the COW games and life in the COW.

Winners from North America
(USA or Canada):

Die Räuber
Exclusively painted, limited robber figure

or 3 months of free Plus membership

or one of the following games in English language (Mayfair Games Inc.):

(Subject to change.)

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